How did that get here ?

My wife and I walked across the street from a closed bar parking lot to the fitness center. Near to the curb at the intersection, I was looked down to step up and I saw a cheap, plastic purple necklace in the dirt. Three feet away from that was a shard of  broken pottery. I wondered, “How did that get here ?”  I  guessed the necklace came from party favors at the last New Year’s Eve party in the closed bar. Maybe the broken piece of pottery fell off a truck or out of someone’s pocket as they walked by.

A lot what we need in life–things and people–are found ”by chance”, ”by fate”, ”coincidence”. People and things sort of ”drop off” from something or someone else because of backfired plans or  on the spur of the moment or  not wanted anymore. Bits and pieces make up a collage. Scattered notes, different melodies and different rhythms make up a song. We cannot have a full life with just one friend and only one experience. Understanding and personal growth go together from the bits and pieces of sharing within others lives, regardless how long the connection and type of relationship it is.

Every one of us are a collage of those bits and pieces. Some of the bits and pieces we don’t like we carry anyway because someone convinced us we had to. Everyone we meet and connect to means we are both connecting to each others variations, to each others collage of pleasures and pains, of joys and sorrows that will affect how we respond to each other depending upon the circumstances and the situations formed by those circumstances. And THAT is where we are supposed to grow, to help each other see and feel what is the truth about which bits and pieces we should keep and which we can throw away on the side of life’s road, so empowerment and encouragement can move our spirits higher to who we really are and who we are meant to become with the talents within us.

How did you get where you are ?   How will you get to where you want to be ? Who will you connect to and listen to for ideas to try that you would not have found on your own power? Who has the ideas and plans to follow that could help you be at the place you need to be ?  Check your mental and spiritual back packs for who and what you really need and what–or who–you need to disconnect from.  Everything means something. Every thought and every action comes from an influence, from some sideline experience we were pushed or persuaded or forced to become a part of. And once CHOICE entered our independence we then have the ability and the power to decide a lot of what we become.  The End.