Two Ways–By David Reid Otey

DO or DON’T. That’s it. Two ways of aiming, driving, striving, shaping, forming, becoming, directing your life.

It’s NEED that determines which way we choose. The need to grow or the need to pretend and stay safe in a trained and limited way of thinking..

The need to belong or to pretend we’re not really ”those people” or people at all.

Security or Risk. To step close to see the edge and marvel at our height to feel encouraged we can go another step, or to stay far enough back to fall and not worry.

To put ourselves in others shoes to see life through their eyes, or believing we have the ”true” shoes and only we see  what’s right.

To join the group who shares the same talents and desires as support and connections, or to go it alone.

Judging ourselves for the lacks we are told we have makes it hard to climb over the mound of mental sludge and trash we have accepted over years.  We might sink to our knees enough times to just sit for good, thinking the view is always the same no matter where we slip next.

But if we keep walking, climbing and look closely, we will see the trash become more shallow and soon there is better footing and fast growth and more happiness for all.   Fall and rise, fall and get up again, trip and catch yourself and lift yourself up again. We don’t stop driving on a road just because of potholes and loose gravel and an occasional wreck or so. BUT that’s stuff that just happens  at times.

We can always fall back down to where we were, if we get tired of the great improvements that always come about from trying without stopping.

the end.

It isn’t what you think it is. By David Reid Otey

The news report said–whatever they say. But it’s mostly not what you think it is, if all you think is what they say it is. Truth is what you get when you’ve seen the situation from all angles and get the one picture that fits all the angles. Sherlock Holmes was noted for getting all the possible information and then seeing how it all connects before creating  the real situation and thereby gain the real answer for the dilemma. It takes time and connections and wisdom with more objectivity than subjectivity, to accomplish an environment of truthfulness. Detecting lies,  false fronts and slight of hands are part of truthful and comprehensive research for the most accurate report possible. Some elements of truth are blatantly obvious and can seem to present enough evidence for the framework in which to place everything else gathered up. BUT–sometimes THAT’s not truthful IF the blatantly obvious elements are not really part of the frame but–instead–belong to the inside arena. You know, this extensive blah, blah, blah scenario of finding the truth boils down to this: what caused the event I am looking at, and what caused the reason that caused the event, and so on–in other words—you are looking for the correct order of words and actions in the chain of cause and effect.

Decades ago the television program, Laugh-In, presented a hilarious sketch about a reporter taking oral information from a ”witness” and ”spinning” it into a completely different story that was false. That sort sketch had a very strong message: you hear an order of words and actions that might not be what really happened.  Truth is the correct information placed in the correct order of cause and effect. So, unless you know for certain every element of every circumstance  for any situation that deals with your life or someone else’s life, hold back judgement and hold back any commitment of support or condemnation you intend to jump in with. Remember the words of the song, Smiling Faces: sometimes they don’t tell the truth. Beware of the pat on the back. It just might hold you back. Bandwagon philosophy has ruined many lives, many families, many friendships and many neighborhoods that were impossible to reconnect once the TRUTH really came out. Be very, very careful about what you see and what you hear, especially from the lips of others who report what you never heard nor saw in the first place. Sometimes it isn’t what you think it is.   The End–or is it ?