WHY ? By David Reid Otey

Why did I do what I did ?  Why did I say what I did ?

Actions and reactions, for reasons based on beliefs about ourselves and the world, push us up and down, forward and backward, into something and out of something.

Living is choosing an action or a reaction toward something or someone. We want the happy things, happy people, happy places and happy activities.

Life is that experiment of events chosen by us or forced upon us that is sometimes a struggle and sometimes a fortunate ”right” move.

Why we choose whatever we choose depends upon free will, opportunities from connections, a calling of some sort, either from outside or inside of us.

Why ? because of love, of fear, of desperation, of shame, of loneliness, of hopefulness, of a helping hand, of another chance, of needing to save this only life we know and want to enjoy.

If I ask myself every morning , “why am I going to do, to go, to commit, to involve myself in what I plan for today ?”, I might have a clearer vision of awareness and of where the control of and for my life really comes from: within me and my choices for life, or from someone else tactfully manipulating my time and life for their gains and dreams.

The end.