WHO decided fashion of education in public schools?

Sometimes it is a very good idea to reflect upon this question: WHO was it who decided the best way of learning for my child was to be sitting most of the day to simply listen to one person espouse wisdom and how things are and how things connect and how things work? WHO decided how little play and exercise my child needs? WHO decided how many subjects my child must learn at one time? WHO decided what is “normal” education practice? WHO decided that my children are “normal” if they understand and can use any subject lesson after a set number of hours? WHO said my children have to have 12 grades of education to be considered a viable working citizen? And, especially, WHO decided to make sure my children on graduation day are mentally fit ONLY for supply and demand work at fast food places and superstores OR do be pulled into the money hungry, money grabbing institutions called colleges and Universities for another four years of the same leadership as the previous 12 grades? Listen hard, parents. TAKE OWNERSHIP of your child’s education. Do not be misled into thinking the leaders who created what we have to deal with for education now were great gods and goddesses of mental proficiency. They planned this system NOT for finding and training and supporting the great minds that come their way and thus advance businesses and inventions in all realms. Instead, this system was designed for crowd control and for supplying the worker bees of already established businesses. Be aware and take care of your children’s well being and REAL possibilities for their futures.

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