The main purpose of the public school system.

Public school will always exist and it works great for 60% of the youth who like learning the same thing at the same time every day and in a crowded social space. The main purpose of public school is to equip the youth with basic knowledge so they have enough competence to be the main floor workers in social service businesses; not to be the leaders, not to be the innovators, not to be specialists in their talents/gifts, but to be the stockers, clerks, maintenance crew and kitchen cooks. NOW-THOSE jobs are important skills and CAN BE the foundational skills of a huge business of their own. For example, the stocker could become a warehouse owner, the clerk could become a bookkeeper or tax consultant, the maintenance could own a huge business of that need, and the cooks can become chefs of high demand and own their own restaurants. That higher level of expertise, however, is not allowed to be studied officially in lower levels of public education. Only in college are you allowed to publicly pursue the higher level. The leaders of public education own and control the timing and exposure of those levels. They have this format of further stretching out the process, of making the reach harder and higher by adding ”review” subjects of more math and language courses the first 2 years of college that are time wasting and profit earning. That’s the way it is and probably always will be. High school begins this waste of time and money format by requiring ”college ready” courses in math and language that are also unnecessary in the whole of the picture. I claim that ground floor specialist training can begin as early as at least the seventh grade. In a fifth-grade boys class I taught for 2 days in November I asked the boys if they knew their talents/gifts. I was surprised and happy to hear kids talk about serious cooking, building, music, and art. So the meaning of this writing is to make two main points. 1. Public school is teaching our children for the main purpose of keeping the existing businesses alive with more bodies to show up and do the low-level stuff. That’s ok but not the only range possible in reality. 2. Parents awareness is needed to help their children realize their gifts and for parents to provide materials, tools, and opportunities for their children to grow to higher levels in those talents/gifts.

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