Natural curiosity downgraded in public school.

School starts very soon. Another nine months session of what is meant to be a time of personal growth of mind, body, emotions, and spirit: which also happens with a stronger success in the more free-moving arena of summertime vacation.
The school year. That annual life switch from the comfort of having freedom of movement, freedom of planning friend and fun times, of adventures, travel, discoveries in the more natural environment of living and learning naturally with very few time and space constraints; switching from that to roaming through tunnels to various sized boxes where we mostly sit and read and listen and write whatever the leading teacher tells us to conform our attentions to. It is a major change for most students, from constant motion to consistent sitting, exchanging hours of personal choice interests to specific topics someone else picked out.
What was once called ‘natural curiosity’ is now called ‘being distracted’ in school. What was once rewarded as complimentary, ” she loves to do anything; draw, collect things, climb, run, wonder about this and that. She is very curious and smart.”, is now corrected with, ” pay attention. Stop letting your mind wander. Get your assignment done. Focus on this lesson.”
It will be another year of adding more negative stress to the lives of both teachers and students; not all of them but for at least 50% of the population. The other 50% see it as a great time of challenge and really thrive on proving themselves capable of catching on to any topic at any level of mastery to prove their significance to themselves and others.
This writing is mainly for the 50% who wish to stay in the summertime mode. Parents in this group need to stay aware of giving more time to help, praise, reward, and provide definite fun times which are often overlooked because of the time homework takes.
Lastly, control the homework. Do not let it control you. Allow a variation of grades to be on the report cards of those students who can’t or won’t strive for an A or B in every subject. Whatever the reasons for the variations of grades, be certain your child understands that their worth as a human being, as a person deserving love and life, is never dependent upon any grade from any school subject. Low grades and high grades reflect only levels of interests or amounts of invested time in understanding the lessons. So, keep the fun and love factor in your family very high. Let this year redefine school as positive as possible for your children.

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