The future of your child is…

The interconnectedness of this world through technology has opened up our minds to more truths about what living is and what it can be. More people question leaders and authority than ever before. More people question the patterns of social control, especially education, more than ever before. The future is now more than ever in the hands of each one of us rather than under the guidance of some stranger posing as the wise guide of our dreams and directions.

It seems to me, a professional teacher, that our education system has shifted drastically from Life preparation to Test preparation. You can’t have both BECAUSE the tests from the states are NOT made for LIFE preparations. They are made strictly for College Bound preparations. Which makes the question come about, “Well, isn’t college about preparing our youngsters for a life occupation ?”
NOT TOTALLY. College is about wasting the first two years reviewing all the stuff high school teaches for four years before getting to the “real” job related skill sets. WHY ? Because if you are a higher institute of learning, you have to show it by making things harder to get through, harder to do. We all know it does not take four years to learn the necessary job skills. But the “face” of a University requires the “image” of ‘tough stuff’. So they add unnecessary subjects and beat to death the high school subjects by expanding them and forcing faster learning. I tell the college students who do course work with me, ” Your University teachers are there to teach you how to work under pressure and how to research. That’s all it is for the first 2 years. Your “real education” comes from here, from this room, in this school, where the “live” big and little people reside all day long relating to each other. And no matter where you go, what job you apply for, once you are in as an employee, THEY will teach you THEIR way of seeing and doing things. THEY know that what you get at the University is NOT targeted nor directed for their business specifically. Same thing goes for here.” Think about your child. Look at that wonderful kid of your’s–and ask yourself, ” What talents are inside of my child ? What potential and capacities are sitting in their daydreaming and wanting to come out instead of going through the “test prep” education schools are doing now?” because I am a grade school teacher, I can see where the starting lessons of grade school are, in fact, Life preparation–basic reading, math and writing. But it’s not long after that–somewhere in grades 6,7,8 that the nonsense begins. Be aware and care about taking some control at least of your child’s education for their welfare and their benefit. All you have to ask yourself, if you did not come from a business oriented family, is “what was MY first job I qualified for after High school ? ” My answer to that is–grocery store worker.

Remember, if the only practice of academic content your kid gets is at school–and none at home with your help–make sure you show them how Walmart is laid out and where everything is because that’s going to be all they can accomplish for a daily living with public education by the time they graduate. OR start training them for a ”valuable” trade during the summers and off times during the school season. You can train them in the construction and auto works that we all pay lots of money for.

There are two main difficulties with educational curriculums, no matter what company, no matter which style. 1. As I’ve told my tutoring students and my class room students many times: you
learn naturally through your senses with the combined connections of everything in your world from the day you are born. In school they disconnect all of the connections and show you each piece broken down into little pieces. Before long you think you never knew a thing, and just because you cannot put all those little pieces back together again that THEY took apart in THEIR own way, you begin to think maybe you’re just plain stupid and will never be able to figure anything out on your own again. This is why many students give up and quit altogether. 2. The presentations of knowledge in text books hardly ever relates to the normal functioning of the thought processes in the human mind. Very few children have minds that operate like textbooks–in 225 lesson segments categorized into 23 sections. And the challenge for us teachers–in the absurdity of it all is this: they tell us to “use your gift to teach the knowledge, but go according to the curriculum.” It should be said this way: “Use the curriculum as you see fit to teach the knowledge according to the gift you have been given.”
But you won’t hear that because the government controls the educational format through purse strings–even when it doesn’t pay the schools what it promises–and the ties of curriculum companies happily fit with this opportunity to give flash and style for more ridiculous curriculum choices. I would love to tell you how many curriculum text books and work books I have seen thrown in school trash bins because of schools being forced to change curriculums.
I guess their ”fantastic, scientifically proven and field tested” products fell flat somewhere. So, what’s the point of all this ? THINK before you simply send you kid down the tube to what you think is ”The Norm”–because the norm of most public education is not to help your child find their talent and grow educationally connecting that talent to facts and figures. The “brightest parents and students” figure this out early and they fill in the gaps themselves, making sure their children do not end up in the “mass produced population” to fit the millions of necessary menial jobs as their best hope. Prevent your child from being mentally disadvantaged. Get involved with your child’s education beyond showing up for PTA meetings and helping to raise money through benefits. Do all that plus the much more you will need to do for your child’s future success.   End for now.

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