Perseverance By David R, Otey

I wrote a piece recently about the struggle to accomplish any dream. A friend of mine commented with one word: perseverance. I sat looking at that word, sort of stunned because that was NOT my point at all. Perseverance was not the same thing I was attempting to describe. I was not upset with the one word comment but it revealed to me that I missed the clear communication goal.

It is too easy to say to someone, “you simply must persevere, never give up, keep on going, no matter what befalls you, regardless the storms and tempests,…..”. To say that to anyone is giving a quick pseudo-shallow cheer leading phrase. It lacks the depth of HOW do you persevere. THAT’s the challenge. What does it take to overcome the deeply inset beliefs to stop, to quit, to hold off, to give up, to think too long about something before acting upon it.  Many people have been consistently leashed by comments from their family and relatives. As one phrase goes, sort of: a prophet has no honor in his own country. Dragged through consistent doubt in all phases of childhood, and seeing consistent examples of quitting, complaining and moving away to “greener pastures”  (until it’s time to mow the lawn) from family members solidifies and enhances a weak will power.

Time goes by though and the calling from that natural talent and desire begins to scream for existence, for a place and space in the tangible world, to be seen, felt, understood, accepted and included into the lives of others. If the weak willed person has enough intelligence and drive to connect to people of strong will who share the same dreams and goals, then the healing and strengthening of that will can happen.

Perseverance comes from a trained mindset, unless one is born extremely stubborn and perhaps extrmely self-centered to the point of making darn sure they get their way no matter what.  Perseverance requires believing you deserve what you want to have or to be. Perseverance requires a positive obsession of completing the steps of every plan as soon as possible. Perseverance, for many of us, must be introduced to our personalities, to our subconscious, to our inner belief system by someone else who knows how it all works. Whether by accident or providence, we must connect with that aura, spirit and faith of perseverance. Then we will be able to do it and bring the dream to the table of life.   End.

2 thoughts on “Perseverance By David R, Otey

  1. I am not sure perseverance is to complete something as soon as possible but more to simply hang in there until it is complete no matter how long it takes. To persevere to the end.

  2. True. I am glad you gave me that single word comment that sparked my extended blog. The TAXI music company I was a member of for awhile spends 85% of their time encouraging members to keep on going in the competitive field of the arts. They listed many books on the topic of overcoming the internal psychological set backs that make us stop, sit and settle backward. Steven Pressfield wrote a book titled ‘ Do The Work ‘ which detailed his agonizing journey to hold onto the belief in himself, that he had something worthwhile to create for more than just himself. Maybe that’s the dividing line, in some way. It’s a different factor to keep on going when building another room on the house where whatever we do stays in place as a reminder to finish the rest. But in the arts for music, writing, acting, that sort of arena, the flow wanes when the focus shifts and the energy stops and what was created thus far can diminish into vapor or ashes. The same holds true for changing one’s life, to start over in another place, another job, to recreate oneself after a divorce or loss of a loved one. And, as my wife and another friend say to me often, ” Dave, you think too much.” 🙂

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