Still safe in the United States of America ? By David Reid Otey 9-2014

YES. Why ? Because we are aware more than ever that we are not untouchable. THAT fact should be encouraging and empowering since it must cause us to think more about the value of others beyond our boundaries: to consider the truth that our words and our actions are no more divine in purpose than those of anyone else no matter what we think of ourselves.  World leader?  Really ?  In what sense ?

Power of force is not a determinant in righteousness nor of stability.  What has made the United States powerfully noticeable in the positive sense over most of the world is the higher percentage of freedom our people have to make dreams come true, to become what their talents preclude them to be for their ultimate happiness and hopefully for the increased benefits of the societies they live in.

The shame of this nation in part is that its own media and government now want its own people to live in daily fear of differences. Now we are bombarded with news events of ”possible” tragedies that were avoided by the great sleuth work of super cops in various branches. I am not afraid because of those stories. I ignore the serious macabre tone of the newsperson’s voice and their serious frowning expression–both of which they hope to subliminally implant upon my own mind. What I feel instead is SAFER because those super men and women cops ARE DOING THEIR JOB LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. They give me more faith in my country caring. They give me more reason to feel safe. And what about those bombs they miss ?  Same odds as any other business–medical, teaching, road work, you name it–some days things don’t turn out like you want them to. People get hurt without being involved in what came at them. People die from others’ thoughtless and cruel actions. There is more danger from home grown gangs than there is from danger from other nations.

Our nation has done the same thing to others as we sometimes get. It is all unfair to whoever gets bombed. Innocents are expected casualties by militaries of all nations. They have to look the other way while giving speeches of genuine sympathy. They cannot say the truth of the situations, ” We are sorry for your loss but that’s the part of our job we hate yet we must continue to do until we win.”

We need to improve, encourage and expand the mindset of  joining people of the many differences instead of adding to the historical tragic mindset of more separation and division. Color and clothing and places of worship do not tell you what any person’s heart and mind is absolutely focused upon. So walk proud where you live. keep striving for your dreams. Keep volunteering and giving to your community. keep waking up thankful for where you are and for the opportunities you have here and cannot have anywhere else in the world.   The end.

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